Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seasons Change The Subject

May 24th is usually considered the dateline for safe planting outdoors. This year has been extra cold and my neighbour had two newly purchased perennials left on her porch freeze to death just a week ago. However it has finally warmed up and this week I will head back to Merritt to plant the garden.

Since gardening is such a major source of joy for me, it naturally follows that vegetable bounty would seep into my painting subject. For years my subject matter has been devoted to floral and seascape but recently I have taken interest in close up fruit and vegetables as well as an array of still-life.

I haven't given up flowers as subject matter by any means. As Eckhart Tolle,in his book The New Earth, refers to flowers as the enlightened beings of the plant world. I whole-heartedly agree.

These poppies have just come to bloom in my daughter's garden. They are so beautiful I am sure they will be subject matter for future paintings.

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