Sunday, January 17, 2010

Summer Painting Retreat

Welcoming my three guest artists from Whistler, Horseshoe Bay and the Interior of British Columbia. They successfully painted a painting per day during the weekend workshop. The weather was fabulous.

My daughter says I match my house. Her caption to this photo is "Look, I match my house."

Claire's poppy - very Georgia O'Keeffe

Cheryl's tulip painting was spectacular

Melanie's gorgeous up-close and personal magnolia

Apres painting, relaxing out on the porch.

The Summer House

The summer of 2009 was busy with minor renovations to the salon and the kitchen. This photograph shows the new built-ins that my dear friend Al completed. He also added classic moulding around the windows. I was so pleased with the result. Al is so amazing. He also re-did my kitchen countertops. I found some splashy new fabric and made the tablecloth. I was working on the coordinating window valances when I took this photo.

The summer of 2010 we will paint the salon a pale yellow. All the white furniture will look so lovely with the new backdrop.