Saturday, November 24, 2012

New series

"Shopping Spree" 
Wedding Guest                       Luncheon Date
Summer Love

Some paintings I displayed at this years' Art in the Garden event at the Baillie House in Merritt. I sold the Field of Daffodils and Spring Lilacs. The Granny Smith and Mr. Pear paintings were taken on a trial and later exchanged for purchase of another painting. 

Fresh Pear Inspiration

I bought a box of green pears and they looked so yummy, I decided to set up a still life and paint them.
This is the finished painting from my inspiration.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holding court

Afternoon therapy session..... love it.

Summer Wishes 2011

July 31st Birthday Cake

One of my sold paintings. Here with Nicole admiring Pat's purchase.

Merritt house gallery wall re-do

Picture Perfect - the gals from Calgary

A day of shopping!

Merritt's 100th Anniversary - Celebration and Dinner at the civic centre

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Courthouse Gallery

Courthouse Gallery
"Legs" 14x18 Acrylic on Canvas

This is in the show for the month of May 2011 and just sold. Will remain in gallery until May 30th

Pomegranates, Vitamin C and Make Lemonade,
All 8x8 Mixed Media and all for sale at the gallery.

Location:Meritt, BC

Calla Lily

4ft x 6ft Acrylic on Canvas

Commissioned painting I did for Cindy while in Mexico. It worked perfect for her wall colour and she was thrilled.

Location:Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Workshop

Day one of the workshop was spent doing our "underpainting", starting with the Seascape in the morning and finishing with the Bird of Paradise. The goal of the day was to completely cover both canvases with acrylic paint.

Cheryl arranged for a delicious lunch both days from local restaurant "Baguettes & Ensaladas", including wonderful fruit smoothies.

The second day we used water based oil paint to complete the details and make the paintings "sing".

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Painting in Paradise


In February I will be in Puerto Vallarta where my dear friend and fellow artist, Cheryl Wheeler has kindly arranged a two-day painting workshop for me to teach at.

At the Bayview Grand in Marina Vallarta, in a gazebo next to the beach, you'll enjoy all day painting in a stunning natural setting, and lunches will be served in style at the Villa on the property.

Two Day Painting Workshop Includes:
2 Canvases
Oil Paint Materials
2 Scrumptious Lunches
Your very own original works of art -
the seascape and the bird of paradise.
Registration is $175

Registration is based on limited space.
RSVP to Cheryl by email at:
or by telephone to 221 0456

Two fun-filled days of learning and creating, with two of your own fabulous oil paintings to take home. The first day will be spent establishing form, light and shadow, and base or ground and the second day your paintings come alive with detail. I know everyone will enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August at the Painted Petal

It's already August, and the vegetable garden is thriving and because of Coley, the grass is still green. Tons of watering to do every day. Here are a few photos Stephanie took while visiting at the beginning of this month.