Saturday, June 2, 2007

Images of Art in Bloom, June 2, 2007 Park And Tilford Gardens

A few pictures taken from the Art In Bloom showing Diane's students' work along with floral interpretations by the Capilano Flower Arrangers Club.

Diane beside her painting "At The Seaside"

Student Kelly Dolan's painting of the Popcorn Vendor, sold at the show that day.

(Have you ever seen a peony this shade? Plucked from a floral arranger's own garden)
The weather was glorious and the turn out was fantastic. Park and Tilford Gardens is really the perfect setting for our Art In Bloom showing. A few shots from this afternoon.

Painting by Diane, Cherries Jubilant.

Pat Fahlauer's painting of one of Umberto's Restaurants.

Roses fill Park & Tilford this time of year.

Aubergines by Shirley Dircks

Chinatown by Vivien Leong

The show proved to be tiring for one little Maggie May, Sherrill McCall's baby dashund.

Carole Froese's Robin painting with Donna Simms' floral arrangement.


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